About the Alliance

The conference aims to gather diverse perspectives that can inform curriculum, instruction, assessment, industry and employment practices, capacity-building standards and policy formulation and implementation on having a consolidated strategic workforce plan for the Philippines in achieving the PDP goals of AMBISYON 2040.

The theme of the conference underscores the importance of integration and inclusion. The conference seeks to bring together the stakeholders of the Philippine workforce in planning for a systematic, informed and united strategies for addressing the perennial issues and problems in education and workforce development. It also encapsulates the role of alliances as a means for genuine social cohesion and equity which require breaking barriers and narrowing gaps between and among the schools, industries, government agencies, communities and workforce.

  • Catalyze Public-Private multi-stakeholder, roundtable discussions regarding workforce development for the Philippines
  • Build alliances of Public-Private stakeholders who would formulate the craft the workforce development plan for the Philippines
  • Create the framework for the national strategic workforce plan (human capital development roadmap)
  • Established alliances and partnerships with different stakeholders in crafting the workforce investment act for the implementation of the strategic workforce development plan for the Philippines in relation to the objectives of PDP AMBISYON 2040
  • Developed the draft framework of the strategic workforce development plan as the basis for the creation of the subsequent bill
  • Created a working group for the crafting of the workforce investment act
    • o Curriculum development experts
    • o Assessment and evaluation experts
    • o Policy making experts
    • o Educational managers and leaders
    • o Employers and human resource practitioner-leaders
  • Developed a timeline for the implementation of the workforce development plan
  • Panel Discussion. Select speakers from the different agencies and organizations will present for a maximum of 20 minutes each their organization’s initiatives and best practices regarding workforce development. The first panel of speakers is composed of NEDA, PCCI/ECOP, DOLE and PRC, while the second panel of speakers is composed of CHED, DEPED, TESDA and Children’s International/Association of Foundations Inc. The discussion will be structured based on (1) overview of the organization’s initiatives and programs, (2) impact of the said initiatives and programs (efficacy, effectiveness, sustainability and scalability), (3) funding requirements and resources, and (4) future directions and plans for convergence with other agencies and stakeholders. After each panel discussion, a forum will be facilitated. Questions and clarifications from the reactors will be accommodated for a period of 30 minutes. After which, a synthesis will be done to cap the panel discussion, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • Reactors. Select reactors will be invited to raise important issues, concerns and/or insights regarding the panel discussions. Two reactors for the morning session and another two for the afternoon session will be asked to critique the discussion points articulated by the panel speakers. The reactors will provide relevant and clear-cut insights regarding the following: (1) sustainability and scalability of the programs/initiatives and (2) strategies for convergence with other stakeholders.
  • Convergence Meeting. The convergence meeting is the roundtable discussion of the stakeholders and will be facilitated by an expert. The purpose of which is to solicit commitments from the stakeholders about their roles in the implementation of the national strategic workforce development plan. It will focus on how the stakeholders integrate and link with other agencies in making their workforce development programs and initiatives work toward sustainability and scalability. The convergence meeting aims to draft a framework for the said plan.
  • Ceremonial signing of the drafted framework for the national strategic workforce development plan. The conference culminates the conference through the signing of an MOU. A backdrop containing the drafted plan will be asked to be signed by the stakeholders. A physical copy in short bond paper format will likewise be given to participants for the actual signing.